When evaluating candidates for a particular position through Alva, one of the first steps is deciding on the requirements for the profile you are looking for. This is why you choose a test profile, i.e., you decide on the personality traits and logical ability that is needed for the position you are hiring for.

To learn more about Alva’s science-based test profiles please go HERE

Select test profile

Once you have created a job position you are asked to select a test profile - meaning the personality and logic ability criteria you like to evaluate the candidates against when identifying the best fit for the role. We recommend using Alva’s science-based profiles. Please note that all candidates will take the same type of test no matter which test profile you choose but the profile will determine what criteria the candidates will be evaluated against. 

Review and create test profiles

You can easily review Alva's Test Profiles as well as create your own profiles.

You have now successfully selected a test profile and the next step is to invite the candidates. Read more of how to invite candidates HERE.

Alva support

Leverage intercom to chat with an Alva representative for support. You will find this symbol in the bottom right corner here and on the platform. 

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