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How to add a hiring team to a hiring process
How to add a hiring team to a hiring process

Learn how to share the assessment data and involve the relevant people in the hiring decision

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To allow the whole hiring team to take part in the hiring decision you can add the relevant employees to the job position so that they themselves can log into Alva and review the assessment results. 

Add the hiring team

Go to your job position and the “Settings” tab to add the hiring team. The person who creates the job position will automatically be tagged as “responsible” for the position. You can also add anyone who should be involved in the process and hence be able to review the assessment results. 

Use the drop-down menu under "Which team members are involved?" to find your colleagues. If you can’t find a colleague, this could be because they have not been added to Alva yet. Please see how you add coworkers to Alva HERE.    

Alva support

Leverage intercom to chat with an Alva representative for support. You will find this symbol in the bottom right corner here and on the platform.

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