How to manage access control groups

Understand the default access groups, how add and remove users and how to manage permissions

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Understanding default access groups

Access Groups can be accessed in the Settings page. It is only available to users that are either administrators or have access to the entire account.

The first time you access this page, there will be already be some default groups set up. For most companies, these should suffice.

Adding and removing users

First, navigate to the access group.

Second, add the user from the dropdown list.

If you want to move a certain user to another access group, click on "Change group" to the right of the user's name and select the access group that the user should belong to instead.

Adding and removing permissions

When it comes to managing what each group has access to, you can turn each permission on and off individually, according to your needs: Just open the set of permissions and click on the toggle to the right.

Special access for Team admins

In the access level tab for Team Insights you will find two levels referring to "Access test results as Team Admin". If these two are enabled this means that any person in this access group who is made an "Admin" for a specific team will be able to access the personality results for all team members in that team via the Team Fit function. This access level is most often provided to Hiring Managers using the Team Fit function to compare a candidate to their existing team.

To set someone as an "Admin" for a team you will have to go to the Team tab under "Members" in the menu to the left. Here you can switch the team role from "Member" to "Admin".

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