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Why do I get to do tests in the hiring process?
Why do I get to do tests in the hiring process?

Learn about how tests help ensure objectivity and accuracy in hiring

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You being invited to take the Alva tests shows that the employer you’re applying for values a fair and objective selection process.

Using psychometric tests is a great way to ensure objectivity and accuracy in hiring. Research shows that evidence-based tests do a much better job than CVs or cover letters when it comes to predicting future job performance. They’re also more resistant to bias. In other words, tests will give the employer a much better picture of you as a candidate.

There are several reasons why tests outperform most other screening methods. The first is that they disregard all the irrelevant information that unfortunately often impacts your chances of getting hired. For instance, tests don't take age, gender, name, or background into account. The second reason is that good tests are based on decades of research on both what to measure, and how to measure it. Compared to a CV screening, which is much more up to the individual recruiter, tests will ensure a structured, objective, and relevant assessment.

This being said - remember that tests are one data point out of many in a recruitment process. No single method can tell the whole story about a person. Also keep in mind that each person has their own unique strengths – the trick is to find a job role that offers a great fit for you.

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