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How to compare final candidates easily with Alva's shortlisting function

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With Alva's shortlisting function, you can easily select candidates that you're considering for the final selection. Shortlisting lets you compare your top candidates more easily, and it's also a great view to show to hiring managers and other stakeholders involved in the final decision.

Shortlisting candidates

To shortlist candidates, go to the candidate list in the job position. Simply tick the box to the left of the names of the candidates that you want to shortlist. Then go to the button "Change stage" up to the right above the candidate list (see image below), and select "Shortlisted".

Reviewing shortlisted candidates

In the job position, right below the main heading, you will find the tab that says "Shortlist". If you click this, you'll find an overview of your shortlisted candidates.

On top, you'll find a summary of each candidate's assessment results. Directly on the candidate's card, you can change the status of the candidate, rate the candidate with Alva's scorecards (if these are activated for the position), invite interviewers to rate this candidate, and see candidate details.

Below the candidate cards, you will see a graph depicting the shortlisted candidates' results on personality and logic test. This gives you a better overview of where your final candidates' strengths lie in terms of test results.

If you want an even more granular comparison, you will find this further below. Here, the shortlisted candidates are plotted based on their results for each personality factor included in the test profile, as well as logical ability. This enables you to quickly identify the differences and similarities between your candidates.

Shortlisting additional candidates

You can shortlist more candidates directly from the Shortlist page. Just click "Select candidates for report" in the upper right corner. You will then get to select the additional candidates you want to shortlist. Then just click "shortlist", and the new candidates will appear with their own cards on the page.

Want to learn more about how to know which candidates to shortlist? Learn more about interpreting test results in Alva HERE.

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