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How to share already completed results & take new tests
How to share already completed results & take new tests

Learn how and when you can reuse your old test results.

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If you have previously completed tests for one organization, you may be able to share them with new companies or retake the test if you would like to.

When applying to an organization for the first time

First, accept the invitation from the company that you've just applied to. Then, click on “Go to application” and you will be able to either choose to “View and share previous results” or “Start new test”.

  • By choosing the option “Start new test” you’ll start the test from scratch, and only the new results will be submitted for this organization. The organization will not know whether you retook the tests or submitted your original ones.
    If you decide to start a new test, you must complete it and cannot go back to reuse existing results. Your latest will be the one's eligible to share in future applications.

  • By choosing "View and share previous results" you can reuse either test results in this application. If you choose to share a previous results you will forfeit your opportunity to retake the tests for this organization.

Note: you can only reuse tests results that have been completed within the last 24 months.

When applying to multiple positions at one organization

You can only submit one set of results for each company that you apply to. When re-applying to a company, your previously submitted results are automatically added to the new position and you cannot take a new test.

Results are evaluated based on the position you apply to. Different roles measure towards different criteria. As such, one set of results can fit well to one role, and less so to another.

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