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How to use analytics in Alva
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The purpose of the analytics tab in the platform is to give you insights into your Alva usage.


You can find the analytics tab on the left of your home page in the Alva app. Once you click on the Analytics tab, you will see 4 subcategories. The first one is the Overview.

In Overview, you can select a time period and examine your overall Alva usage. This includes the following:

  • Number of candidates invited

  • How many of those completed the tests

  • Total job positions created (for the time period you have selected, and in general)

Candidates tab

The candidates tab gives you further information about the candidates. This includes the following:

  • Completion rate of the invited candidates

  • Source of candidates

  • Candidates invited to Alva per user

Tests tab

The tests tab gives more detailed information about the tests such:

  • The completion rate of the personality tests

  • The completion rate of the logic tests

Job Positions tab

The job positions tab includes more detailed information regarding the job positions created such as:

  • The source of job positions

  • Job positions created per Alva per user

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