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Reviewing interview results

How to view and compare interview results

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The scores and notes of each interviewer are made available – to those with relevant access – as soon as they are published.

To have access to interview results, you must be (i) an involved team member in the Hiring Team of the job position or (ii) have Recruiter or Admin level access.

How to view interview results

The overall interview score is viewable in the candidate overview of the job position in a column next to the test profile score. This allows for a simplified comparison of overall scores between candidates in the hiring process.

For more detailed information, click on a specific candidate.

In the interviews section of the candidate profile, you will be able to view the individual interview scores as well as the individual criteria scores and notes per interviewer.

Interview Scores

Currently, all components of interviewing scoring are calculated with evenly weighted averages.

The score for a particular interview criterion is calculated by averaging the individual scores of each interviewer

The score for an interview is calculated by averaging the scores of each interview criterion.

The overall score for all interviews is calculated by averaging the scores of each interview.

Important note: We are working to enable more customized/weighted scoring in future versions of our Interviews function. Though, research suggests that the presence of a consistent structure and scoring system is far more important for predicting job performance than the specifics of the scoring system itself.

How to assess interview results

It's very common to find oneself immediately comparing candidates to each other.

However, unless this comparison is made against the backdrop of the required competencies/criteria for the role, we risk making biased/subjective judgements. Therefore, the first point of comparison for a candidate should always be the requirements of the role itself – your interview scoring guidelines.

In a privileged situation where you have multiple candidates who fulfil or exceed the requirements of the role, it will of course become necessary to compare them. Though, make sure to use a data-driven approach that utilizes all the scores and information you have collected in the hiring process so far – including our psychometric assessments.

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