Managing employees and candidates in a team

How to add and remove candidates and employees in Team Fit

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In Team Fit, you can add and remove candidates and team-members as you go along.

That way you can explore different scenarios of team composition, different setups and how the candidates affect each one of them.

Adding and removing candidates

You and add and remove candidates from the list by pressing the button that reads "manage candidates".

Here you will be able to add and remove candidates available in the job position to allow you to review how they show up in the team graph.

Adding and removing employees

You can also add and remove employees from this view by pressing the "manage employees" button.

Here you can add and remove any employee from your organization that you have access to.

Enabling and disabling people to tweak the dynamics

Lastly, you can also deactivate and activate people from the graph: that way you can quickly toggle them on-and-off to check for differences.

The graphs and the insights automatically change and update depending on who you selected and adjusts the insights accordingly.

โ€‹Pro-tip: You can add and remove people to check potential sub-teams and how similar or different they are from each-other. One cool thing to do is to add a similar person and think that a candidate could behave similarly to it

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