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How to use candidate reminders

Increase candidate test completion rate with Alva's reminder function

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Candidate reminders are a really powerful way to make sure that your candidates complete the tests required for their application. It also provides an even better candidate experience.

In short, this is how it works:

  • Candidate reminders will automatically be switched on for new job positions you create. By default, reminders are sent at three days’ interval, with the first one being sent three days after the candidate was added to the position.

  • You can review and edit the reminders under each position’s SettingsEmail. Here, you can change the frequency as well as the content of the reminder email. You can also disable reminders altogether if you would like to.

  • If you would like to send a manual reminder to a particular candidate, you can do that too. Just mark the candidate in the list under Manage candidates and click Send reminder to the upper right.

  • If you would like to switch on candidate reminders for all existing job positions, i.e. those that were created before candidate reminders were launched, we at Alva Labs can help you with this.

We hope this article answered your queries, and that you will find candidate reminders a useful feature!

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