If you have previously completed tests for one organization, you may be able to share them with new companies or retake the test if you would like to. If you wish to retake the tests when applying for a new organization, follow the steps below.

Retaking the test

First, accept the invitation from the company that you've just applied to. Then, click on “Go to application” and you will be able to either choose to “View and share previous results” or “Start new test”. By choosing the option “Start new test” you’ll start the test from scratch, and only the new results will be submitted for this organization. The organization will not know whether you retook the tests or submitted your original ones.

Please note that once you decide to start a new test, you must complete it and you will not be able to submit your old test results. However, you can only retake the test if you have been invited to do so for a new organization. If you’re applying for a new position within an organization with whom you’ve already shared your Alva results, the option to retake the tests is not available.

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