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How to use Alva with Workable
How to use Alva with Workable

This is a step by step guide which details how to send tests, how to choose test profile and how to view results in Workable

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How to send Alva tests and choose test profile in Workable

1. Configuring Alva assessment in workable

Step 1: In order to send out tests through the Workable website you first need to create a job. To do this click on "create a new job" (1). If you already have an existing position click on "More Actions" and then "Edit job" (2).

Step 2: First you need to navigate to the Workflow tab (1). Second, choose which stage in your pipeline where you want to introduce tests to you candidates (2). After this press "Add an assessment test" (3). At the moment you can only add the assessment tests to either the "Phone Screen" or the "Interview stage".

Step 3: Now click on the Alva option (1). If the Alva option does not appear you need to click on the drop down menu "There are also X additional assessment providers" (2) and then locate and click on the Alva option there.

Step 4: In this fourth and final step you get to choose which test profile your candidates will be evaluated through (1) Lastly click "Save changes" (2).

Please note: The same tests are sent to all candidates. The option to change test profile only changes how the results are interpreted. For more information on test profiles click HERE.

Now that you have configured the Alva tests in a stage in your pipeline and chosen a test profile, the next step is to send out the tests to candidates.

2. Sending the Alva tests

Go to the stage that contains the Alva assessment (1) (in this case, "Phone Screen"). Next go to a candidate in the stage (2) and click the send test button (3) and then "Confirm".

Note: Right now Workable does not support bulk actions (sending multiple tests with one action).

How to view results in Workable

Step 1: Click on the stage in which the tests have been configured (in this case phone screen) (1). Next click on a candidate that has completed the tests (2). The test results will be displayed as shown in the picture (Underlined with red).

Thank you for reading this guide!

If you need any more help, please contact or your Customer Success Manager for troubleshooting assistance.

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