How to send tests using Lever

There are three ways of sending Alva tests using the Lever integration. Below you will find guides detailing each of these three ways.

Note: If your job is set as "confidential" you will not be able to send the Alva tests. Make sure the "Confidential" setting is disabled in the job posting settings before proceeding with this guide.

1. How to send tests by designating a trigger stage in Alva

This option allows you to choose a stage in your pipeline where the candidates automatically will get sent the tests upon entry.

Step 1: In Alva, go to your company Settings (1). If you don't have access to it, either ask the admin in your company or reach out on Alva's Intercom. Next click on "integrations" (2). Then click "Add integration" (3).

Step 2: A pop up menu will appear. Scroll down until you see the settings "Trigger stage" (1) and "Progression stage" (2). Next choose at what stage you want the tests to be sent (1) and to what stage candidates will be placed once they have completed their assessments (2). Finally, click "Save" to save these settings.

When a candidate progresses to the "Trigger stage" the tests will automatically be sent to this person. When a candidate is done with the tests he or she will be moved to the "Progression stage".

2. How to configure Alva tests as a screening stage in Lever

This second way of sending tests allows you to automatically send the Alva tests as soon as a candidate applies to the position.

Step 1: First you need to access the job settings. Click on "Jobs" (1) and then click on the Job posting that you want to send the tests in (2).

Step 2: In the job posting settings, click on "tags" and type "Alva: Screening" (1) then press enter. Finally click "SAVE CHANGES" (2).

Please note: The tags are case sensitive. This means that they wont work if you don't type them exactly as stated in the guide.


3. How to send tests to individual candidates

This option allows you to manually send test to any individual candidate.

Step 1: Click on "Candidates" (1) and then click on the candidate that you want to send the tests to (2).

Step 2: Now scroll down until you spot the field that is marked in red. Type "Alva: Send Tests" in this field then press enter. If done correctly the tests will be sent within an hour.

Please note: The tags are case sensitive. This means that they wont work if you don't type them exactly as stated in the guide.

How to choose test profile

Step 1: Choosing a test profile is done in the Alva website. Starting from there click on the relevant job.

Step 2: In the job menu, click "Settings" (1). Then click on the arrow (2) next to "Test assessment" which opens a drop down menu, click on "Change" (2).

Step 3: Select which test profile you want to use then press "Select" to save you choice.

Please note: The same tests are sent to all candidates. The option to change test profile only changes how the results are interpreted, for more information on test profiles click HERE

Now the test profile that you chose will be used in the Lever integration. This needs to be done for every new position. If you want to set a default test profile that will be automatically set for every new position you create click HERE

How to view test results in Lever

You can access a candidates test results by clicking on a candidate that has completed their tests and then scrolling down until you see the dialogue box "Test results available from Alva". In this dialogue box you can see a summary of the assessment (1) but you can also access the detailed results in the Alva website by clicking the link under "See full test results in Alva" (2).

Thank you for reading through this guide!

If you need any more help, please contact or your Customer Success Manager for troubleshooting assistance.

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