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How to configure and use the Alva and Talent Recruiter integration
How to configure and use the Alva and Talent Recruiter integration

This is a guide that details how to configure the integration, how to send tests and how to view results in Talent Recruiter.

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How to configure the integration between Alva Labs and Talent Recruiter

In order to configure the integration between Alva Labs and Talent Recruiter, reach out to your contact person at Talent Recruiter.

How to send tests

Step 1: Starting from the home screen, click on the job that you want to send tests in. In this case "New job" (marked with a red box).

Step 2: Tick the box next to the candidate that you want to send the tests to (marked with a red box). If you want to send out tests to multiple candidates at once, simply mark those as well.

Step 3: Click on "Communication" (1) to open a drop down menu and then click "Send Assessment Invitation" (2).

Step 4: This will take you to a different page. In this page you can choose which test profile you want the test results to be evaluated through. Choose the preferred language (1) and then click "Send" (2).

Please note: The same tests are sent to all candidates. The option to change test profile only changes how the results are interpreted, for more information on test profiles click HERE.

Great job! You now know how to send Alva tests through Talent recruiter.

How to view test results in Talent Recruiter

Go to a job which contains candidates that have completed their tests. The role fit of the candidate will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below (marked with a red box). If you want a more detailed overview of the test results, go to the Alva Labs website.

Please note: The role fit which is displayed in Talent recruiter is based on the test profile you chose when you first sent the tests (eg. Generic High-performer - High complexity). You can add additional role fit scores by sending new invitations to the same candidate. The candidate will not have to retake the tests and the additional role fit scores will be instantaneously added. However the candidate will receive an email with an invitation to take the tests again.

Thank you for reading this guide!

If you need any more help, please contact or your Customer Success Manager for troubleshooting assistance.

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