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Prepare your ReachMee project for Alva
Prepare your ReachMee project for Alva

Add a folder and select a Test Profile in a ReachMee project.

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When you want to use Alva in a new ReachMee project, we want a few things setup.

First, let's add a new folder to use Alva's tests in. In this way, we can easily get an overview and compare candidates' Role Fit when results come rolling in.

Adding a new folder for the assessments

In the Manage Folders page we can click to Create a new folder. Let's title it something along the lines of Alva's tests. Now under the Actions tab we want to change the Process event to Personality test.

If we want to send an email when candidates enter this folder, we can select a template or write our own in the Send email drop down menu. If you plan on using ReachMee's Event Manager to automize the administration, we can skip this option.

When you're happy with the options, click save. We can now drag and drop to place it in the correct order for the process we want.

Selecting a Test profile

In the left hand side menu, click on Candidate tests to select which Test profile to use. Just select which one you want to use in the list.

Note that Alva only supports having 1 selected Test profile at a time, selecting more may cause unexpected behaviours in the platform.

Ready to go

Now we're ready to send tests to candidates! You can either send tests manually or leverage ReachMee's Event Manager to automize the process.

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