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Auto-publishing jobs from Teamtailor to Alva Marketplace
Auto-publishing jobs from Teamtailor to Alva Marketplace
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Alva Marketplace auto-publish is a feature which allows jobs, created from Teamtailor, to be automatically published on Alva Marketplace. Ultimately it will help you get your job visible to high quality candidates more efficiently and without having to take any extra manual steps.

Note that this is a new features that is being continuously improved. Meaning, we might not be able to publish all of the jobs that are created from Teamtailor. Read more about how it works πŸ‘‡

How auto-publish job works

Here's an overview of how Alva Marketplace's auto-publish feature for jobs functions:

  1. A job is initially created in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), such as Teamtailor

  2. This job is then synchronized with Alva

  3. We collect the URL for the job position

  4. Once the URL is identified, we use OpenAI's technology to extract details into the format we require for posting a job on Alva Marketplace, such as: job family, language necessities, remote work availability, geographical location, job description

  5. If we manage to gather all the necessary data, we proceed to publish the job on the Marketplace

  6. Following the publication, we send a confirmation email to the hiring team notifying them of the being successfully published πŸŽ‰

  7. After the job is published, the hiring team can preview the job posting, make any necessary edits, or even unpublish the job if desired. This gives the team flexibility and control over the job posting on Alva Marketplace.

  8. Each organization has the option to fully disable the auto-publish function if desired.

Is it possible to auto-publish all jobs created via my Applicant Tracking System on the Marketplace?

  • Currently we only support the auto-publish flow for jobs created through Teamtailor.

  • A pre-requiesite for us being able to successfully publishing the job are that we extract neccessary data required to publish the job and know who are in hiring team in order to send a confirmation mail. If those are successful we will not publish the job

  • For us to successfully publish a job on Alva Marketplace, we need to be able to extract all the necessary information required for the job posting, as well as identify the members of the hiring team in order to send a confirmation email. If we're unable to fulfill these prerequisites, the job will not be published. However, the job can of course be published manually by following any of steps mentioned in: How do I publish my job on Alva Marketplace

Can I deactivate the auto-publish feature?

  • Yes. To do so, follow this path: Navigate to Settings β†’ Alva Marketplace, and then switch off the 'Automatically publish jobs from Teamtailor to Alva Marketplace' toggle

  • Please note that that, access to the settings page requires the 'Manage configurations' access control permission

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