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Alva Labs and Greenhouse integration [new]
Alva Labs and Greenhouse integration [new]

This is a step by step guide on how to complete the integration between Alva and Greenhouse

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Note: As a mutual customer of Greenhouse and Alva, you have two integration options. Speak to your dedicated Onboarding Specialist or Customer Success Manager about which is right for you.

For instructions on how to set or manage our old integration, click here.

In general, we recommend using this [new] integration because it allows for Hiring Sync (the ability to sync user access between Greenhouse and Alva) and doesn't require candidates to be added to the job in Greenhouse in order for the job position to be created/synced in Alva.

Integrating the ATS:

To begin the integration setup, head to the integration section of your Alva account settings and select Add Integration.

You will then be required to create an API key within Greenhouse. Follow the instruction in the dialogue box below, enter the API Key, and then click continue.

Configure API key permissions

After creating the API key, Greenhouse should present you with its settings. Please enable the following permissions to make sure the integration works as expected.

  • Job Openings

    • Get: List Openings For a Job

  • Sources

    • Get: List Sources

  • Departments

    • Get: List Departments

    • Get: Retrieve Department

  • Users

    • Get: List Users

    • Get: Retrieve User

  • Jobs

    • Get: Get hiring team

    • Get: List Jobs

    • Get: Retrieve Jobs

  • Applications

    • Get: List Applications

    • Get: Retrieve Application

    • Post: Add Attachment to Application

  • Candidates

    • Post: Add Note

    • Post: Add Application

    • Get: List Candidates

    • Post: Add Candidate

    • Post: Add Attachment

  • Job Posts

    • Get: Retrieve Job Post for Job

    • Get: List Job Posts for Job

    • Get: List Job Posts

  • Job Stages (enable all)

  • Tags (enable all)

  • Rejection Reasons (enable all)

Finally, make sure to click Save at the bottom of the page.

Create Alva Stages in the ATS

Create a job template with stages called “Alva Assessment”, ”Alva Coding tests”, and “Alva Interviews” so that there is a clear distinction between each type of assessment.

How to use multiple assessment types using a Kombo Integration

You can manage not only psychometric tests, but also coding test and interviews through your ATS. Prerequisite is to create a stage in your ATS for each of the assessments.

We recommend creating following stages:

  • For psychometrics tests: “Alva Assessment”

  • For coding tests: “Alva coding test”

  • For interviews: “Alva Interview”

    (Note: If you have multiple interviews, then create a separate stage for each interview)

How to invite your candidates using the ATS.

Step 1: One time setup of the job settings in Alva

  1. Go to the Job position settings in Alva

  2. Click Add Assessment & select the assessment you require

  3. Select a Stage from your ATS & link that stage to an Alva assessment

Step 2: Send candidate invitations

You send candidate invitations simply move the candidate to the relevant stage.

  • If you move a candidate to the relevant stage for coding tests, the candidate will receive a email invitation for the coding test.

  • If you move a candidate to an interview stage, you will see a “interview link” in the candidate’s results section. Which will lead directly to the Interview page in Alva.

  • Results of all these assessments will come to the results section, where you see the psychometric test results currently.

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