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How to use Alva with Workday
How to use Alva with Workday

This is a step by step guide on how to perform certain Alva functions via Workday

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Creating a new Job Requisition

First, create a new job requisition in Workday.

After a few minutes, the job will get created in Alva. Please note that all jobs created in Workday will automatically be created in Alva.

Within Alva, complete the rest of the set-up process by; selecting a relevant Test Profile, selecting a relevant email template, and adjusting any other assessment-related settings.

Inviting candidates

Candidates are automatically sent invitations to take their Alva assessment when two steps are satisfied:

  • First, they are tagged with a tag called "Alva Assessments"

  • Second, they are moved forward to the "Assessment" stage

So, to enable this, a one-time setup step is to create a Candidate Tag called “Alva Assessment” within your Workday account

Then, in future requisitions to send test invitations, you will just need to go to the specific candidate and apply the “Alva Assessment” tag to the candidate as shown below.

Secondly, move the the candidate forward to the assessment stage as shown below.

Note: Please make sure that you are triggering/sending your own email notice to the candidate in advance of the Alva test invitation. This is critical in order for the candidate to expect, accept, and complete the Alva assessment. Feel free to contact our support who will be happy to help with relevant candidate messaging.

View results

When a candidate completes their test(s), their high-level test results can be seen within Workday under the Attachment section of the candidate. Scroll down to Other Documents to find the assessment results attached as a PDF as shown below.

By clicking on the URL next to view details, you will be brought to Alva and be able to view the full detailed test results.

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