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ATS integrations
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What is an ATS?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software tool designed to streamline recruitment processes. It focuses on automating the hiring workflow, especially for large companies that handle a high volume of applicants. By integrating Alva with your preferred ATS, recruitment teams can have the benefits of:

  • Having a single source of truth for managing candidate insights

  • Efficiently scaling their hiring process

  • Leveraging automations to keep candidates engaged

Alva is integrated with more than 20 ATSs. We are open for developing new integrations with the ATS that you use, if it’s not already available.

Our current ATS integrations:

What data needs to be shared for an ATS integration to work?

The data read by Alva will depend on the data that’s shared by each specific ATS. For an integration to work, Alva requires the following data:

Data that Alva pulls from an ATS (requires read access)

  • Read access: Data on Jobs (used to sync job details in the Alva platform)

    • Job name

    • Status

    • Visibility (public/private state of a job)

    • Location

    • Timestamp of last edit

    • Stages

  • Read access: Data on ATS users (used to grant permissions to relevant people to view and manage jobs in Alva’s platform)

    • First name

    • Last name

    • Email address

  • Read access: Data on candidates (used to invite candidates to assessments and to manage their results)

    • First name

    • Last name

    • Email address

    • Date Created

    • Timestamp of last edit

    • Application stage

Data that Alva shares with an ATS (requires write access)

  • Write access: Data on candidates (used to show assessment results in the ATS)

    • Assessment scores including Role Fit scores

    • A URL to assessment results for more details

    • Note: The full test results are never shared with the ATS, only the summary results are shared.

How does data flow between Alva and an ATS?

There are 3 types of integrations that Alva uses:

  • Integrations developed by Alva

  • Integrations developed by the ATS (using Alva’s public API)

  • Integrations developed and managed by Kombo, an integration partner of Alva. See more information on how Kombo integrations work here.

The data flow between Alva and an ATS can differ depending on the type of integration—as shown below.

Can Alva see sensitive data from the ATS?

No, specific information such as candidate phone numbers, salary expectations, interview notes, and more is not accessible to Alva.

Data processing between parties

As a customer, you are the data controller for the data handled by Alva and your ATS. Alva and your ATS are two independent data processors. Alva is a data processor of our customers data and we only share data with your ATS upon your request. You instruct us to transfer data to your ATS through (i) the data processing agreement we have entered into, and (ii) when enabling the ATS integration in your Alva account. The ATS is a separate data processor. Any transfer of data from your ATS to Alva is completed upon request from your ATS, as included in your ATS data processing agreement.

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