You can easily share the candidate assessment results with any colleague who have their own Alva account. Learn how to add a hiring team to your job position to share the results with the relevant decision makers. 

Add the hiring team

Go to your job position and the “Settings” tab to add the hiring team. The hiring team will be able to access this job position and hence review the candidate assessment results. Use the drop-down menu to find your colleagues. If you can’t find who you are looking for in the drop-down window this could be because they have not been added to Alva yet. Please see how you add a coworker to Alva HERE. Once they have been added to Alva you can add them to the hiring team to share the candidate assessment results. 

To ensure data integrity you are not able to download the results from the platform at the moment and therefore you need to add the person you like to share the results with to Alva to share the results on the platform.

Alva support

Leverage intercom to chat with an Alva representative for support. You will find this symbol in the bottom right corner here and on the platform.

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