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When should I use Team Fit?

Team fit is particularly useful for the final hiring decision when you are between a few candidates and want to have better insight into how your team could function.

Before you start

  1.  Invite your colleagues to Alva and add them into teams.

  2. Ensure team members have completed their personality tests

  3. Ensure you tag your team to the job position under position settings.

Using Team fit

There is no right nor wrong

Team-fit is helpful to get a better understanding of the dynamics of the team, and good to examine and develop your team — while role fit is still the best way to predict individual performance.

Pro-tip: For more information on how to build a high-performing team, check out our article on Team personality and performance

Selecting top candidates

Team-fit works best at the final-stages of your hiring process — use it with your team and hiring panel to gain confidence in your new team structure.

Ask questions to you and your team

Use it to discuss and understand how to optimize your team. Focus on understanding and aligning your strengths & opportunities with your team.

Next steps

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