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What if I'm not happy with my personality test results?
What if I'm not happy with my personality test results?

Information about different scenarios where you're not satisfied with your results

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There can be several reasons why you don't feel completely satisfied with your personality test results. Below we will go through some important points to keep in mind.

  • I’m concerned that my results don't seem good enough.

First of all – remember there are no right or wrong personality test results. All personalities have their strengths and challenges. The trick is to find a position that fits with your particular strengths.

In line with this, results towards the higher ends of the scale are not "better", and lower-end results are not "worse". Any result on the personality test indicates both strengths and challenges.

Further, not all personality traits matter for all jobs. When recruiters and hiring managers use Alva to find suitable candidates, they seldom place demands on every personality trait. For instance, in a customer support role, it usually doesn't matter whether you have an aesthetic orientation or not. Then, this personality trait will not matter for your chances in the process.

Also, keep in mind that the personality test is one piece of the puzzle. No single method can tell the whole story about an individual. Also, through Alva, your personality results will most often be combined with your logic test results into an overall match for the role.

  • I don’t think the results reflect my true personality.

If you don't completely recognize yourself in a personality result, make sure you read the report carefully, and not just look at the headings. Sometimes the heading leads you to make a certain association, that is not necessarily reflected in the full text.

Sometimes, candidates feel that their behavior depends more on the situation, and that this is not reflected in the test. But actually, this is very much what is indicated by results in the mid-span. People with results in the 4-7 span of a personality trait often vary their behavior depending on the context, whereas people with more distinct results act more similarly across contexts.

  • Can I retake the test if I’m not happy with the results?

A retake can be warranted at times, but it requires a good reason, given that the comparison between candidates needs to be as objective as possible. The decision needs to strike a balance between the wishes of the individual candidate, and the importance of giving all candidates an equal chance to perform.

If you're not happy with your personality test results, and if you later apply for a new position in another organization using Alva, you can choose to retake the test instead of sharing your existing ones.

If you still have questions, remember that our support is always here to help you - just click the icon in the bottom right corner at

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