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Send tests using ReachMee
Send tests using ReachMee

This is a guide on how to send tests how to view results in ReachMee

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Need a reminder on how to add a folder and select a Test profile in ReachMee? Click here for just that!

To get started using Alva with ReachMee, you can read the below article, or you can watch this brief video that takes you through the basic steps:

How to send tests manually in ReachMee

First, select the candidates that you want to send tests to, and click on Actions ➞ Move to other folder and select the folder that you've setup to use Alva's tests in.

Using the Fast handling pop-up, you can opt to send a email to the candidates informing them about the tests, either by using a template or writing one freely. Whichever you choose, select Apply to move the candidates into the folder.

To send the invitation, simply select the candidates that you wish to send tests to. In the Actions menu, click on Manage Assessments.

A confirmation page will open, allowing to you confirm sending the assessments. Just click send and the invitation will be created.

How to view test results in ReachMee

Once a candidate has completed their tests, go to "Candidates" and then "Candidate directory". From here you can view candidates role fit score and the status of their testing.

If the score and status columns are not visible in the table, click on Show and hide columns and then tick both the box next to "Candidate-tests" and the box next to the test profile that you want to apply.

If you need any more help, please contact or your Customer Success Manager for troubleshooting assistance.

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