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What is Alva Marketplace and how does it work?
What is Alva Marketplace and how does it work?
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Alva Marketplace operates similarly to a job advertisement board. It’s a space where you can post job vacancies, thereby exposing them to a broad network of potential candidates with a high role-fit for your position.

Why should I use Alva Marketplace?

At the core of Alva Marketplace lies a dual commitment - helping recruiters in their quest for the perfect candidate, and guiding candidates towards interesting job opportunities. With a focus on efficiency, Alva Marketplace is your trusted partner in sourcing candidates tailored to your unique job positions.

Alva Marketplace is designed to boost your candidate volume, ensuring that no potential match for your job openings goes unnoticed. The increased volume of candidates can lead to a wider range of choices and a higher chance of finding that perfect fit.

The job you publish on Alva Marketplace will be presented to candidates who fulfill your basic requirements but also have a high role fit.

”Publishing Jobs on Marketplace provides a valuable complement to our other promotion channels, but with a twist. We get candidates which are pre-qualified. It speeds up the process and just recently we ended up hiring a Junior Controller as a result of Marketplace”

“We are bringing in a higher volume and level of candidates using Alva Marketplace and have hired one person. I am really pleased!”

Here’s how it works:

  • Begin by submitting your job details through a form, which serves as your job posting.

  • The job posting will contain relevant details including: job family, language necessities, remote work availability, geographical location, job description and more

  • Suitable candidates who align with your specified requirements and have a high role-fit will receive a job suggestion via their Alva account.

  • These candidates then have the choice to either apply or overlook the job suggestion.

  • When a candidate applies, their profile appears in your candidate list, marked with a Marketplace candidate tag

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