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How to manage your organizational settings

Learn how to manage the settings for your organization

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Under settings, you have the possibility to manage the information for your organization such as company name, logo, employees and teams.  

Manage organizational information:  

Manage your organizational settings by pressing the Settings symbol in the bottom left corner.  If you can’t find this symbol you do not have this access level and we then ask you to leverage the Intercom chat in the bottom right corner for support. Under Information you can change the name of your organization as well as add a logo to make the employee and candidate experience more personal. 

Employees & teams:

Learn how to add employees and teams to your organisation HERE


Here you can add a default test profile for your organization meaning that any new job position added will by default use the chosen test profile. You can also specify criteria that will be added by default to new job positions.


Under the tab Criteria you'll find the list of criteria available to your organisation and you can create new ones. You can read more about creating criteria for interview scorecards here.

Email templates:
Under this tab, you can create your own email templates to customize the invitation that goes out to both candidates and employees. If you do not edit the email settings in a position you will automatically use Alva's default email templates (see below). You can find more information about how to customize your email templates HERE

Alva's email template to Employees:

Alva's email template to Candidates: 


Alva offer ATS integrations to make it even easier to incorporate Alva assessments in your recruitment processes. Please reach out to your customer success representative at your ATS provider to get the integration going. You can find more information about our integrations here

Alva support

Leverage the intercom to chat with an Alva representative for support. You will find this symbol in the bottom right corner on the platform. 

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